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unplug and connect - hands
Thursday, March 22nd, 6:00 - 8:00 ~ Only $20! 

at Edgewater Grille, Newburgh!
For menu and pricing, please visit www.edgewatergrille.com
·Are we "plugged in"... but increasingly more disconnected?  

·Are we so busy doing that we forget to BE?

·In a world of constant "connections"  ~ are we more isolated than ever?  

 "Only through our connectedness to others
can we really know and enhance the self.  
And only through working on the self
can we begin to enhance our connectedness to others."  
~ Harriet Goldhor Lerner 

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                                                                                                            ã 2004 Coral Haynes

Small Group Empowerment Event for Women!
Save the dates:  4/19, 4/26, 5/3, & 5/10!!!
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Thought provoking content will challenge you to reflect on yourself and your life, allowing for profound insighta that can help you make more conscious, rewarding choices in your life.  the tools taught can help you make changes YOU have identified, leading to a more fulfilling, healthier life.

Rave Reviews...

"Nothing to improve. Absolute perfection.
Very Uplifting and Encouraging."- R.T.

"I'd love to see a book... 
You have so much to share in a unique and receptive way..."  --Bonnie Yates

"I am learning so many new things in a beautiful and comfortable setting. Coral is an excellent facilitator and her professional and personal experiences are a great asset to the participants." -- Phyllis Bussing

"GOING PLACES opened my eyes to a new way of thinking. I had the opportunity to enjoy Coral’s seminar twice and I learned something new each time. I’m learning to change my stinkin’ thinkin’."      -- Shelly Hawkins

"Coral is an amazing speaker who makes everything she is teaching real and applicable to everyone's life. She also truly cares about each person in the group and strives to help each member of the group, by giving us time to share our experiences and allowing us to ask questions."- Dana Ford

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An empowerment series designed for women to empower women. Enjoy the camaraderie of a small group, while being led through a series of life-changing topics. 

Week 1:  Topic 1:  Who are you, REALLY?
                              Discovering and Appreciating YOU! is the first step of your personal journey.

                       Topic 2:  "Who's in Charge of Your Life?"   
                               Are you LETTING LIFE HAPPEN or LIVING LIFE?          
             Topic 3:  You Are What You Think.
                               Changing the way you think can help you change your life!!


Week 2:  Topic 4:  Get Real!  Be Who You Really Are:  
                              Are you congruent?  Do your behaviors match your values?

                       Topic 5:  "Running On Empty?"
                               Do you give & give & give, until there's nothing left?  Are you last on your own list? 
                               Maybe it's time to STOP & ask yourself.... What matters to ME?
                               ...& what kind of life do I want?
                       Topic 6:  "My Name is Coral, Not Convenient"
                               STOP letting people walk on you!  Learn to say NO!  Make considered, conscious choices
                               that work best for YOU!

Week 3:  Topic 7:  Finding Purpose in Your Pain.
                              Learning to better deal with pain, grief, and loss. 

                        Topic 8:  Tough on the Inside.  Learn to trust yourself to make good choices, set good boundaries, and handle tough situations and emotions, so that you don't feel the need to build walls to protect yourself.  
Topic 9:  Looking for Love in All the Wrong Places.  Learn how to experience healthy relationships.  


Week 4:   Topic 10:  Mirror, Mirror on the Wall.  
                               Discover how your parents shaped you and learn to be the best parent you can be. 
                       Topic 11:  If nothing changes, nothing changes! 
                               Overcome obstacles that can keep you from moving forward.             

                        Topic 12:  GOING PLACES.  Find Purpose and Passion in your life.  Pulling it all together.

These are SMALL group events and are limited to 8 - 10 participants! 

Each session includes a light meal! 

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Questions?  Call Coral @ (270) 577-3133

More Rave Reviews!

"I would encourage all women in the area to consider taking the GOING PLACES seminar by Coral Haynes.  You will be challenged and motivated to make changes in your life."   --Kathy Baker

"I think as women we constantly put ourselves last on the list. I feel like Coral's GOING PLACES gave me the opportunity to meet in a comfortable environment with like minded women. The seminar under Coral's lead was casual and comfortable with plenty of dialogue between participants sparking thought and reflection on what might make me a productive, happy, and whole participant in life. I learned to look at things with a different perspective and perhaps, new priorities. Coral was also helpful in giving me the knowledge and tools for how to be the person that I wanted to be."  ~ Jayne Susec